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As a community of neighbors and families, we want to make neighborhood health and community pride a primary focus here in the City of Isanti.  We want all residents to experience a sense of pride and well-being within their neighborhood and community. 

The City of Isanti will do proactive inspections of all properties on an ongoing basis.  We will be reviewing each property for grass height, accumulations of junk and debris, parking issues, outdoor storage, zoning issues, and other nuisances. We will send you a letter if we have found any violations.  The purpose of these inspections is to make subtle improvements within the City in order to retain property values and neighborhood health.

5 Most Common Code Violations

Long grass and weeds

City Res. 2016-210, states that weeds and/or grass exceeding 8 inches in length are considered to be a public nuisance. Developed lots, both with a structure or not, must be mowed maintained in their entirety.
Parking and storage A general rule to follow, vehicles and all other units with or without motors, are not to be stored or parked on grass, dirt, etc. City Code Chapter 227 specifies that vehicles and all other units with motors (i.e. boat with a motor) are required to be stored on an impervious surface and units without motors (i.e. fish house, utility trailer, etc.) are required to be stored on an impervious or improved surface.

Rubbish, salvage materials, and junk

City Code Chapter 227 considers outdoor storage of rubbish, salvage materials, and junk nuisance to public health, safety, and/or general welfare. Tires, pallets, household garbage, wood and metal scraps, mattresses, and cardboard boxes are among the most commonly cited material in Isanti.
Unlicensed vehicles/expired tabs Under City Code Chapter 227 vehicles which are stored outside and do not have current license plates are a public nuisance. If you choose to store a vehicle outside, it must have license plates with current tabs
Unlicensed residential rentals All residential rental properties in the City of Isanti are required to obtain a rental license prior being rented. Property owners are required to submit an application and fee, then receive a passing inspection, in order to obtain a rental license. Licenses expire every two years, on December 31 (City Code Chapter 256).

Bonus: Signs


Zoning Ordinance Section 16 explains that it is unlawful to erect, move, or change a sign without obtaining a sign permit from the City and written consent of the property owner. Temporary signs carry specific restrictions under Subdivision 7 and Subdivision 10. Mostly commonly cited, 1) temporary advertising signs in residential areas, 2) temporary signs without a permit, and 3) temporary signs erected for more than 30 days.


City Code and Ordinances:
You can view City Code and Ordinances by Clicking Here and City Legislation by Clicking Here.

Download the Resolution 2016-279: Resolution Updating a Process For Code Enforcement & Nuisance Abatement


Code Enforcement and Zoning Technican

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