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Bulding Permit Applications

(Note: for PDFs that require signature and/or online submittal, please open in Internet Explorer)
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  • New Home Construction Application
  • Building Permit Application (All others)
  • Energy Compliance Certificate
  • Commercial Building Permit
  • Demolition Permit Application
  • Electrical Permit Application(Contact Eugene Boyle at 763.389.0397 to schedule all electrical inspections)
  • Mechanical Permit Application
  • Plumbing Permit Application
  • Sewer & Water Permit Application

  •  Informational Handouts
    PAMPHLET Q?: Do I need a building or zoning permit? 
    Frequently asked questions 
    Deck Building Handout (General) 
    Deck Building Checklist 
    Deck Building (Advanced)
    Cold Weather Concrete & Masonry Construction
    Basements (Finishing/remodeling) 
    Sheds (Accessory Structures)
    Fences & Impervious Surface Coverage
    Furnace, Water Heater, Dryer

    Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors 
    Roofing(Asphalt shingles) 
    Roofing (Alternative methods) 
    Windows, doors and siding


    Rental Property  Licence Application
     Tenant/landlord rights & responsibilities:


    Zoning Permit Applications
    (NOTE: For PDFs that require signature and/or online submittal, please open in Internet Explorer)

    General Zoning Permit (Fences, sheds, accessory structures, driveways, patios)
    Administrative Permit
    Administrative Subdivision
    Amendments - Rezoning
    Annexation Application
    Change of Occupancy
    Commercial Kennel License
    Conditional Use Permit

    Dog License Application
    Fence Permit Application & Property Line Agreement Interim Use Permit 
    Kennel License
    Minor Subdivision Plat 
    Municipal Conference Room Use Application
    Peddler's/Solicitor/Transcient Merchant Permit Application 
    Preliminary Plat Application 
    Roofing Permit Application and Information 
    Sign Permit Application 
    Site Grading Permit Application 
    Site Plan Review Application
    Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Permit Application 

    Vacation Application 
    Variance Application


    Fire Related Applicatons
        For educational resources, visit the STATE FIRE MARSHAL website
         Fire Extinguisher Services Agreement
         Fire Permit Application
         Fireworks - Pyrotechnic Application
         Fire Suppression Permit Application


    Gambling Chapter 178 Gambling
          Gambling Application Packet - Exempt Permit

          Gambling Application Packet - Local Permit 
          LG220 Application For Exempt Permit - Minnesota Lawful Gambling

    Liquor Related Applications - Chapter 76 Alcoholic Beverages 
          3.2% Malt Liquor Application 
          3.2% Malt Liquor Application - Temporary

          On Sale Intoxicating and/or Sunday Liquor License Application

          Consumption & Display Permit Application 
          Consumption & Display Permit Application - Renewal 
          Liquor, Wine, Club Application 
          Liquor, Wine, Club Application - Temporary 
          Liquor, Wine, Club Application - Renewal 
          Strong Beer Application

    Special Events  
        Special Event Permit Application
          Supplemental Forms
            Release and Indemnification
            Vendor Information List
            Temporary Sign Permit

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